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Caring for your Blue Moon Disk
  • IMPORTANT - Blue Moon Disks are steel and they will rust if you don't keep them lightly oiled.  Just oil them with vegetable oil before and after each use and its not something to worry about.  Store them in the burlap bag in the garage or a closet.  Cool Cookware should not be fussy! 
  • Pre-Seasoning - It's not necessary to go through a seasoning period with your disk - when you get it you will want to lightly coat the whole thing with vegetable oil and just start cooking! - they will cook just as good the 1st time as they will after 20 meals.  If you want to preseason them, a good way to do that is to cook a piece of bacon moving it around spreading the grease.
  • How to Clean:  After cooking, you will want to clean the disk and re-oil it.  Scrape any remaining food off, hand-wash it with warm water and gentle soap, dry it off and re-oil it.  Don't be afraid to run a little water over it scrub it with soap, then re-oil it.
  • Ok I screwed up and got it all rusty, now what?  Blame your best friend for borrowing the disk and leaving it out in the rain getting it all rusty - that will take the pressure off you!  Ok you won't be the 1st or the last get get some rust on the disk.  Is it light enough to just be re-oiled and good to go? then oil it and consider it good to go again.  But if you feel the rust is too heavy, the most effective way to re-polish/remove rust is with an "angle grinder" that uses a "Flap Disk" pad.  You can get one of these for about $10-$20 at Harbor Freight.  This is a pretty common tool used by welding shops, metal shops, and old guys that seem to have everything.  You can ask them to polish off the rust.  They may charge you a small fee), or if you are a DIY person you will find its not hard or expensive.