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#1 Authentic Hand-welded / Hand-polished / Authentic Plow Disk Discada Cooking Pan

Easily handles cooking for the family & friends up to the family reunion, cub scout campout, boy scout campouts, daddy daughter campout, deer camp meal, duck club weekend, dove hunting weekend, tailgate event, GNO (thats right), BNO.   Plenty of room to shift food or tortilla's to outside edges.  

** Each Online Disk purchase Includes: Burlap Storage Bag, Recipe Brochure, and 1 Free Bottle of Seasoning!

Q:  So what's the best size?  & what's up with other disk makers offering 22" and 24"? Isn't bigger better? Blue Moon Disk Co. sometimes makes them in 22" and 24", but the best size, in my opinion, is the size that you are going to enjoy cooking on again and again and not dread lifting or cleaning.  If its too big and heavy, you'll think twice about cooking on a monster disk for 4 people, but if its reasonably sized and not too heavy, you will enjoy it more and want to do it again.  And lets face it, if you really want to cook for 20-30 hungry kids, you'll need 2 disks probably so that is why I offer disks in the sweet zone of 20", 18", & 16".  Something to think about!

Lrg - 20"  "The Classic"  Approx 15 lbs and LOW concavity edges at just 2.5" high.  Easily handles cooking for 4-15 people.  Not too big, not too heavy - It's just right.  This is the #1 selling disk size in Arkansas.  Lots of room to shift food or tortilla's to outside edges. Horseshoe handles or Wire up-position fits XLarge B.G.Egg

Med - 18"  A little smaller, great size, and still LOW concavity.  This is great family size.  Horseshoe handles or Wire up-position fits large B.G.Egg

Sm - 16"  Very popular - also great for using inside on a stove top.  Horseshoe handles or Wire up-position fits large B.G.Egg

Xsm-14" Horseshoe handles or Wire up-position fits Med. B.G.Egg

** Caution:  Blue Moon Disk handles get hot during the cooking process - Wear protective gloves/oven mitts when removing the disk from a grill.  Blue Moon Disks are steel plow disc blades ( not cheap Chinese pot metal) so they can be heavy when loaded with your good cook'n - don't drop the pan on your foot!  

*Shipping:  Unfortunately our website can only let you purchase to the lower 48 USA with online orders.  If you want a disk shipped to cool places like Timbuktu, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, me at to get a shipping quote