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BEAUTIFUL HEAVY-DUTY SPATULA - use on your Disk and your Grill - This is Gift Quality!

21" Inches long! - put some space between the cook and the cooked! - no more cinged arm-hair!

Thick Rosewood handle is form-fitting , Super sharp serrated on 1 side, Metal loop hook hanger

* Recommend you hand-wash to keep that Rosewood handle looking nice

You can buy a spatula anywhere and cheap right (A spatula is a spatula)?   BUT do you have a favorite one you always hope is in the drawer?  Have you got one you are really proud of and look forward to grabbing?  This is that one that is the real deal.  Like a Fender Strat, a Mustang, the Great White Shark... this Spatula sets the bar against how other spatula's are judged!