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Marble Serving Plates (Qty 2) - Small 9"


There are only 2 items left in stock.

You get 2!

2 Marble Serving Plates -  9" diameter

Beautiful handpicked Marble Boards and Plates bring your presentations up 2 notches.  Score easy sophistication points when you display or serve your favorite cheeses, meats, breads & crackers, colorful vegetables....They are beautiful, heavy, and very versatile.  You will be happy with your purchase! Try chilling it beforehand to keep the appetizers fresher longer!

Coloring varies slightly, made by Mother Earth.  Avoid acidic foods to preserve the natural color.

Why do you get 2?  Because you will want a 2nd once you see the 1st one AND shipping 2 costs the same as shipping 1 - saving you money where we can :)