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Mix n Match: 2 Discada & 2 Fajita


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(4 Bottles total) - Sometimes its just your lucky day when you don't deserve it!  You get 2 Bottles of Discada and 2 Bottles of Fajita Seasoning

We are proud to offer our very own exclusive line of seasonings that are perfectly matched for disk cooking.  If you want to get the most from your disk, use our seasonings. Each bottle contains just the right blend of deliciousness to enhance all your discada recipes.  They're so good, you'll replace your table salt and pepper with BMD for everything from fries, to pizza, to burgers. You've gotta try them!

Fajita Seasoning -Our custom signature blend with a lime kick on the end.  This is our version of the perfect fajita seasoning.  Our favorite, but don't stop with fajitas, Use on baked potatoes, in corn dip, on pizza, steak, 

 Discada Seasoning All-Purpose mild blend seasons everything perfectly.  Use on anything from vegetables, to meats, to pasta.  

**Fair Warning** Some people are addicted to this seasoning!!  Is it true if you brown your chili beef with Discada you can win your local church chili cookoff 6 times in 10 years?  hmmm.......

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